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The Shroud

Face to Face

Murder, a true crime scene, controversies, leading scientists’ investigations, and a startling NASA study. “An incredibly detailed image of the man on the Shroud shocks the world and befuddles believer and skeptic alike. How to explain such a phenomenon?” writes Robert Orlando, award-winning writer, filmmaker, and director.

When Orlando was first approached about making a documentary about the Shroud of Turin, he was skeptical of the project—and the Shroud itself. Then he came across conflicting opinions in history and science. This, along with his desire to learn more about the life of Jesus and make sense about the final things, led him to investigate “a new crime scene.” This book was inspired by his new documentary with the same title.

“The murder of Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter from a small town outside Jerusalem, became the most historically debated crime scene in all recorded history,” Orlando explains. “Not only do people debate the historicity of the event, but unlike most other crime scenes, there’s a religious element. The murder of this simple carpenter somehow launches the largest, most widespread religion of modern times.”

Through his scholarly research and his detective work, Orlando fascinatingly connects historical, archaeological, scientific, art, and theological research to unveil:

  • Evidence that dates back to the time and place of Christ
  • The results of a startling NASA study and leading scientists’ research
  • A biblical clue to where the Shroud may have been hidden
  • What Jesus really experienced according to science, history, and Scripture
  • A miraculous healing from the Shroud following the Resurrection

Also included is a timeline of the Shroud’s history and an introduction to the key witnesses of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection. While retelling the story of Christ through the lens of ancient customs and traditions, Orlando breaks open the mysterious discovery of the Shroud.

In these gripping pages, Orlando lays out numerous opinions and fact-based arguments, and systematically separates fact from fiction. He raises the question: Is the Shroud the connection between faith and science? If the Shroud really is the burial cloth of Jesus, it is the key to unlocking the world’s greatest mystery and shedding light in an age of disbelief. In the words of Orlando, “The death of Jesus is the most consequential death in human history.”




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The Shroud