The Shroud of Jesus

And the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed

Gilbert R. Lavoie, M.D., invites you on a fascinating adventure to examine the Shroud of Turin, juxtaposing his scientific findings with John’s Gospel account of the death and resurrection of Jesus. This story of the life of Jesus comes alive through relatable, real-world scientific witnesses who explore whether the image on the shroud is the work of human hands, a natural phenomenon, or a supernatural event.

There are abundant photos that allow you to decide for yourself what the image and blood marks of this cloth reveal. As you explore the mystery of this shroud through the eyes of forensics and the lens of scripture, you will begin to discover the following, and much more:

  • The reason why the shroud image isn’t mentioned in the Gospels
  • Significant studies that demonstrate why the shroud cannot be a painting
  • Details that confirm that the man of the shroud was crucified
  • How the shroud corroborates the Gospel accounts of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus

Dr. Lavoie conducts his own studies to determine how blood transferred from a crucified body to cloth. He applies his experience in treating trauma patients and observing the appearance of corpses in autopsy rooms to unveil intriguing insights about the image and blood on the shroud. And he details other experts’ hands-on observations of the shroud at microscopic, biological, and chemical levels and shows how they attest to its authenticity.

This book is a visual journey that opens the door to new insights into the Gospel of John. It is only through John’s witness of the life of Jesus that we can come to a more complete appreciation of the Shroud of Jesus.


Enlightened by the gifts of rational thinking and great knowledge of medicine, Dr. Lavoie will bring the reader into a medical classroom. With simple and accurate teachings of body physiology, anatomy, and forensic medicine, he will provide facts that will offer a totally new vision of the man behind the Shroud of Turin.

Dr. Gianluca Toraldo, MD, PhD

This fascinating book uses modern science to examine and validate an astonishing Biblical claim.

Lynette Lewis, Emmy-Award-Winning Television Producer

The Shroud of Turin has been the subject of many studies, but this book by Dr. Lavoie stands out for its comprehensive and accurate presentation of the scientific, photographic, historical, religious, and medical information known so far about the shroud. The image on the shroud, which devoted pilgrims throughout history believe to be a miraculous image of Jesus Christ, was formed by a process that today’s science still cannot explain, as Dr. Lavoie shows. And not only that, the book presents new and significant insights into how the shroud might be a visible sign of the Gospel message.

Michael Cafferty, BSEE, MIT., MSEE, University of California

This is a veritable summa of Shroud studies, incorporating evidence from disciplines as diverse as botany and history, chemistry and theology, Judaic studies and forensic science. It leaves no stitch unexamined, no stones of history unturned. Over the course of decades, Dr. Lavoie has tested every objection to the Shroud’s authenticity. He details his findings here without ever bogging the narrative. The book would be a page-turner if only the photos weren’t so riveting! You’ll want to stop and examine every one.

Mike Aquilina, author, The Fathers of the Church and The Apostles and Their Times

For those who hunger to know Jesus Christ, Dr. Lavoie’s recent study of the Shroud of Jesus is a must read and must have for your spiritual library. This work is the result of forty years of research and investigation, bringing the fruits of modern science into the quest of understanding the origin and meaning of this sacred relic. This book epitomizes St. Anselm of Canterbury’s motto: faith seeking understanding.

Rev. Francis Hoffman, JCD, CEO of Relevant Radio

This book offers Dr. Lavoie’s own scrupulous detective work built especially on his knowledge, as a physician, of the human body both in life and death. And truly the book does read like a detective mystery with persistent analysis and reanalysis, with hypotheses tested by experimentation, with surprising new insights and with a stunning conclusion.

Rev. Jurgen Liias, Priest of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

No artifact — in all of history — has held people in thrall the way the Shroud of Turin has. It stakes a mighty claim; but, as Dr. Lavoie demonstrates, an overwhelming preponderance of evidence favors its claim. This book brings all that evidence together, with photos and abundant illustrations, subjecting it to close and dispassionate analysis. The author is always engaging. He never over-reaches. There is no more comprehensive book for those who are curious — or skeptical — about the Shroud.

Scott Hahn, founder and president, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology






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The Shroud of Jesus