About Sophia Institute

Each morning at 8:07 AM, the staff of Sophia Institute gathers for a heartfelt prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which ends with these words:

‘…that we shall succeed beyond our fondest hopes and desires, if only we are devoted to Your Sacred Heart.”

There is no doubt that over the past 30 years our efforts have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations, and we are deeply grateful to you for helping us lead so many souls to Christ.

We are publishing many of the most beloved Catholic authors and distributing over one million influential books per year. And we’re not just reaching Catholics — we’re now consistently touching mainstream audiences with the message of Christ.

Through our work in Catholic schools and parishes, we are now serving more than 60,000 active teachers ad parish catechists through our Sophia Institute for Teachers program.

We launched this program from scratch in 2014 and now have over 150,000 students using our religion textbooks every day of the school year in more than 700 schools and 1,200 parishes. We’re also training over 30,000 teachers in 60 dioceses through our intensive teacher training programs hosted across the country.

We set bold, audacious goals each year, and thanks to God’s grace, we exceed them “beyond our fondest hopes and desires” each and every year. Please keep our work and our staff in your prayers as we carry out our mission of leading souls to heaven.

How You Can Help

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