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Women Made New

Reflections on Adversity, Transformation, and Healing

This powerful book features the captivating stories of twelve women who overcame personal trials and societal deceptions to become champions for the Kingdom of God.

Legendary televangelist Mother Angelica's words of wisdom-and a glimpse into her own story of growing up in a broken home-will help you move from pain and regret to enduring hope and love. Radio personality Teresa Tomeo shares how she learned to follow God's will amid exhausting career changes, and pro-life leader Catherine Hadro shows how she learned to overcome her tendency toward being a people-pleasing perfectionist. Television host Joy Pinto and other prominent Catholic women discuss the challenges they faced in conversion, family life, relationships, and other facets of life.

Pioneering broadcast host Johnnette Benkovic-Williams explains how she grew in knowledge of God's truth when reverting back to the faith, and clinical psychologist Dr. Kimberly Scipione shares her emotional healing journey while offering tips on finding a reliable Catholic counselor.

Also included are assuring words for women who have experienced traumas such as abuse or divorce, as well as helpful resources that will help you along the path to wellness. You'll learn about celebrated women saints such as Teresa of Avila and Joan of Arc, and gain wisdom on the healing power of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. You will acquire a step-by-step spiritual defense plan and grow in confidence as you:

  • Open yourself to the Father's protecting love and rest securely in His Presence
  • Experience healing from life's wounds and God's mercy in making all things new
  • Discover your "feminine genius" and dignity as a daughter of God
  • Push back against Satan's "self-talk" lies and shatter them with the truth of God's Word
  • Overcome self-doubt, reignite your faith life, and stoke the flame of your love for God
  • Encourage others-and receive affirmation yourself-on the road to wholeness and holiness

You will come to understand that you are never alone and that by uniting your suffering to Christ's, you can change the world. You will discover how to listen to God's voice, surrender to His mercy, and trust that He is there to carry you through and deliver you from evil.






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Women Made New