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Understanding St. Paul

A Concise Guide to His Theology, His Letters, and His Life

He traveled more than ten thousand miles without an airplane or car and founded fourteen dioceses. When he was blinded on the road to Damascus, St. Paul received his epic calling and was “made new.”

Although there are numerous books on St. Paul and his letters, none “knock over” the average person. In Understanding St. Paul, Deacon Bob Evans breaks open the wealth of St. Paul’s wisdom in brief, understandable chapters through the lens of fascinating findings. You will learn about St. Paul’s tempestuous times and heroic life which reveal the mystery of his message. St. Paul’s letters, revered throughout the ages, construct much of the foundation for Christian theology. Next to Christ, St. Paul had the mightiest effect in winning souls for God and summoning all to evangelize. In page after page, St. Paul will help you answer the “why” questions about the meaning of life and stir and arm you with valor to defend your faith.

As Evans unpacks the meaning of St. Paul’s words, you will learn what:

  • This apostle says to those promoting watered down theology
  • Style St. Paul used to write his letters and how this motivates listeners<.li>
  • Cultural revolution St. Paul composed his letters in and its impact on the texts
  • Ways Greek language possesses multiple meanings and how it helps interpret St. Paul’s letters
  • Passages from St. Paul are often mistranslated or interpreted erroneously
  • Letters attributed to St. Paul were actually written by him

St. Paul didn’t shrink from the controversial topics of his time – many which remain relevant today – such as slavery, scandals, excommunication, sexuality, idol worship, witchcraft, sorcery, and Gnosticism.

Evans lays out how St. Paul’s letters are organized and his view about important topics including grace, the struggle against evil, and the resurrection of the dead. Best of all, you will grow in knowledge of and fervor for the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments and charisms. St. Paul will teach you how Christology evolved and ways to most prudently order your life.

Also provided are guidelines based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church for understanding Scripture, as well as an extensive bibliography and glossary.

By imitating St. Paul in opening your heart and trusting God with ardent faith you begin to experience His Kingdom on earth. St. Paul’s letters embolden those undergoing persecutions and hardships to fight the good fight. Through the theology of the Cross, his writings prepare you for heavenly glory.






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Understanding St. Paul