Treasuring the Goods of Marriage in a Throwaway Society

This powerhouse of a book masterfully vindicates the Church’s rich teachings on matrimony, the priesthood, and religious life. Drawing on sources ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, Eastern Christian and Western, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski will teach you:

  • The four kinds of marriage (can you guess them?) and four reasons why marriage is noble
  • What the pulsating heart of marriage and family is and what marriage cannot exist without
  • The lessons we can learn from the marriage of Mary and Joseph 
  • The two greatest mercies of God (they will surprise you!)
  • Three ways to explain the meaning of sexuality to your children
  • Sixteen arguments and replies regarding priestly celibacy

Dr. Kwasniewski demonstrates that both the dignity of marriage and family and the evils arrayed against them—pornography, self-gratification, premarital sex, divorce, contraception, and abortion—can and should be seen not only in terms of what they are but also in terms of what they signify spiritually and cosmically.

In the midst of a growing totalitarianism hell-bent on diluting, relativizing, ostracizing, and ultimately obliterating chaste and fruitful love, Dr. Kwasniewski extols the sacramental dignity of the human body, shines the light of faith and reason on fundamental truths about vocation and the gift of self, and renews confidence in the wisdom of Holy Mother Church.


Combining theological insight, cultural analysis, and spiritual counsel, Dr. Kwasniewski unfolds the ascetical-mystical dimensions of marriage, family, consecrated virginity, and celibate priesthood, while exposing the demonic forces of the sexual revolution that undermine these wondrous gifts of God.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Through this incisive book we are blessed with a glimpse of how to reap the unsurpassable joy of the loving union of spouses where not only bodies but souls become one.

Dr. Janet Smith

Has there ever been an age less hospitable to the Church’s teaching on sex, love, and life? With wisdom, good sense, and a deeply Catholic spirit, Dr. Kwasniewski helps us to see how true and good and beautiful this teaching is.

Dr. Martin

Dr. Kwasniewski draws from a wide range of disciplines, including theology, liturgy, jurisprudence, and philosophy to form an in-depth understanding of the profound truths about marriage and family that have been all but lost in today’s throwaway culture. This book is a treasure.

Fr. Sebastian Walshe

Our contemporary disputes about the relationship between men and women—and their relationship to God—desperately require a return to fundamental principles, together with a talent for communicating them. Peter Kwasniewski has both to offer in this book.

Leila Lawler

Here for the pondering is an abundance of ideas and suggestions that cannot but enliven our own thinking about a subject of both great interest and great importance.

Thomas Storck






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Treasuring the Goods of Marriage in a Throwaway Society