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Tradivox vol 14



Volume 14 - DEHARBE.

This volume contains two catechisms by that most outstanding German catechist of the nineteenth century, Fr. Joseph Deharbe, S.J. First joining the Jesuit mission to Switzerland in 1840, Fr. Deharbe was widely regarded as a highly knowledgeable and engaging catechist and evangelist, and was soon asked to compose a new German-language catechism. His efforts yielded several brilliant catechisms for different levels of understanding, which were swiftly adopted by the episcopate of Germany and beyond. This volume reproduces two of his best-known works: later, more polished editions of the Small Catechism and the Complete Catechism of the Catholic Religion, written for children and adults, respectively. With characteristically German precision and clarity, Deharbe’s catechisms fostered the faith of children and adults across an astounding span of time, in nearly every European language (and many others besides), and remain admirable for their sensible and endearing arrangement, brevity, and accuracy.




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Tradivox vol 14