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Tradivox vol 13


Volume 13 – GAUME Volume 4.

This unique volume contains the final installment of Abbé Gaume’s four- part Catechism of Perseverance, presenting the doctrine of the Faith through the lens of Catholic worship: the Church’s many feasts and fasts, bells and blessings, vessels and vesture, signs and symbols, and all the varied rites and ceremonies that are generally referred to as “liturgy.” From the richness of the Roman Mass to the significance of various altar furnishings and other blessed objects, Abbé Gaume relates the hidden significance of each; for, “ceremonies are mysterious acts… like a thin veil that lets one have a glimpse of things purely spiritual.” In this volume, readers encounter the full significance of the age-old Catholic axiom: lex orandi, lex credendi—“the law of prayer is the law of belief”—as the author reveals how Catholic worship both contains and expresses divine truth, ensuring the integrity of right faith over time: “At all times, external worship has been brought forward to show to heretics the true doctrine of our Lord and the apostles.”




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Tradivox vol 13