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The Rosary of Our Lady

If you already say the Rosary, this book will help you pray it with greater devotion. If you don't say the Rosary, you'll discover why you should—and how to begin.

Unlike most Rosary books, The Rosary of Our Lady doesn't assume you already have a special love for Mary. Rather, it shows why such love is appropriate to all Christians who yearn to grow closer to Christ.

In these pages, you'll learn how to pray the Rosary as it was meant to be prayed and to identify—and overcome—the bad habits that too easily develop in those of us who pray the Rosary often.

Whether you've already spent many hours praying the Rosary or only want a simple, clear, and holy book to introduce the Rosary to a relative or friend, then this book is the book for you. You'll also learn:

  • How to take your daily concerns with you to the Rosary—and leave them there.
  • Who should—and shouldn't—pray the Rosary
  • What makes up the Rosary? The beads? The thoughts behind them? Or must there be something deeper?
  • The paradox of the Rosary: Why is the Rosary both easy and difficult?
  • How much of the Rosary should you be praying?
  • How to pray the Rosary . . . even in times of exhaustion and stress.
  • The one petition you must make if you're going to pray the Rosary well.
  • The "paramount truth" that is the key to linking the words of your prayers to the mystery you're contemplating.
  • Three practical hints for those who have difficulty with the Rosary.


In our day, may God use this book, The Rosary of Our Lady to deepen the faith of his people by renewing their devotion to the Rosary which keeps them in contact with all the saving mysteries of he faith. My prayer for all those who read this book is that they may pray the rosary with greater fervor and fidelity and so bring about the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

Blessed Mother Teresa Of Calcutta

Guardini writes with simple eloquence about the Rosary, gently leading the reader to a deeper and more profound understanding and appreciation of this sacramental treasure. The Rosary of Our Lady is especially valuable because Guardini explains not only how to pray the Rosary but why to pray it.

John O'Connell

The Rosary is a device without equal whereby we come to adore God in proper humility and peace - and Guardini's book is an invaluable guide to the Rosary.

Michael Berg

Guardini's work helps us to place ourselves in God's story of eternal salvation, and helps us to see how, through - praying the rosary, we are led home to God.

Nancy Torre Dauphinais






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The Rosary of Our Lady