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The Light of His Eyes

Journeying from Self-Contempt to the Father's Delight

Due to life’s wounds, many experience a disordered self-image. Bound by pain and fear, they block God’s merciful light, love, and forgiveness from entering into their hearts.

Here is the book that will help set you free and open your thirsty soul to receive the torrents of God’s compassion and healing.

Each passage is akin to the stroke of a paintbrush on the canvas of an icon, revealing the beauty of God’s Word and His compassion at work even in the seemingly mundane events of our lives. These masterful reflections are ideal for reading time in Adoration or during your daily meditation.

Mother Iliana explains that the Word who spoke “You are the light of the world” to His disciples speaks this same word to each of us, His children, who are bound by the darkness of self-rejection. It is in the Father’s gaze of love that you will discover who you really are: His own beloved child, an heir to His kingdom, the very light of His eyes.

Through Mother Iliana’s “practical mysticism,” you will also find:

  • The gift that will transform your life
  • Your wound that most needs healing — and the cure
  • How poverty of spirit prepares you to receive God’s riches
  • What attracts God to you (You will be surprised!)
  • One of the highest forms of prayer that you often forget (Can you guess?)

By the hand of God, you will experience how the pain of your suffering leads to a “monsoon” of love. Above all, you will see how the Father delights in you and waits for you, His beloved child, simply to rest in His arms and gaze into the healing light of His eyes.

The Father’s own light is within you, Mother Iliana shares, a light that radiates to a suffering world. Your story, which is unique and riveting and worth telling, is your entry point into a truly personal relationship with a God who penetrates the very heart of your wounds and waits for you to encounter Him through them and experience His intimate love and healing.


Welcome to the heart of Mother Iliana. Reading this spiritual testament of hers is like entering into the simplicity of Mother Teresa and sensing the fragrant devotion of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Bill Donaghy

Mother Iliana has given us a short, simple narration of God’s persistent effort for her to see herself as He sees her. In Light of His Eyes, her considerable gifts of perception and insight tell a story that, while coming from the details of her own life, becomes a story of our life as well.

Bishop John Botean

In Light of His Eyes, Mother Iliana shares her gift with words to describe her own experiences of God's presence, making His presence visible to others—and she doesn’t hold back!

Deacon Daniel Galadza

When reflecting on “Light of His Eyes” by Mother Iliana, I was struck by a single word; Beauty.  Mother’s words are beautiful, her reflections are beautiful, her poems are beautiful.

Fr. Dave Pivonka

Mother Iliana's account of her journey from brokenness to healing will bring consolation to many who desire the True Life that only God can provide.

Fr. David Anderson

In these pages I have heard the Lord speak again to me, reminding me of what He has already said, and taking me deeper. I hear words that resonate deeply in my heart and move my soul. This is the kind of book I want to have with me on every retreat. 

Fr. John Paul Kuzma

In this little book, we sit at the feet of a young nun who has responded to our tears of anxiety and frustration by telling us a story.  

Fr. Michael O’Loughlin

A grace-filled walk with a contemporary St. Therese, this book is for all those seeking security and rest in the Father's Love. By way of witness, the Word, and childlike faith, Mother Iliana reveals the path to claiming the foundational grace of the Christian life - spiritual childhood.

Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei

This is a simultaneously entertaining and deeply moving read. Mother Iliana explains deep life-changing truths through vulnerable and simple personal stories. You cannot doubt our Lord's love for you after reading this! Thank you Mother for your beautiful childlike heart which shines forth on every page!

Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias






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The Light of His Eyes