St Paul’s Eight Steps to Happiness


Here is the book that will help you climb St. Paul’s “eight steps,” to attain happiness, holiness, and Heaven. Best selling author Kevin Vost breaks open St. Paul’s life and spirituality through the lens of St. Thomas Aquinas as well as other saintly and noble men and women. You will see how human knowledge (e.g. science and philosophy) point to the truth of the Divine and how the virtues St. Paul proposes in his letter to the Philippians lead to abiding joy.
In this gem of a book, Dr. Kevin Vost reveals hidden treasures such as:

  • Why St. Paul is a “four-in-one special” (You will never guess!)
  • Three intellectual virtues that help us discover important truths
  • Two fundamental senses of truth, and three vices opposed to truth
  • Eight aspects of the nature of truth according to Aquinas
  • Eight types of justice and how you can exercise them in your life
  • The link between modesty and latria, dulia, and hyperdulia (Do you know?)

Each chapter unpacks one of these outstanding virtues and contains an invaluable “Summing Up” section. Further highlighted are exemplary individuals to imitate in their exercise of the heroic virtue, from St. Dominic to Our Lady and St. Joseph to St. Agnes of Rome and St. Brigid to Aristotle and Cicero. Also contained are several handy tables that break down the teachings of St. Paul and St. Thomas in connection to the Sacred Scriptures and your daily life for easy referencing.

You will find the six types of grace and their effects that God is waiting to pour into your life. Most significantly, you will find our practical ways to develop each virtue, the fruits that result, and how to reap them in your daily life. Thus you will see how loveliness begets friendship and much more.


In St Paul’s Eight Steps to Happiness Kevin Vost draws on Sacred Scripture and classical wisdom to show us how we can "take every thought captive” and find happiness by focusing on all that is beautiful, good, and true.

Dwight Longenecker

Kevin Vost had the uncanny and God-given gifts of caritas and claritas, which is to say that his books are full of both charity and clarity. Loving the Lord himself, he was able to communicate God's love to others with a succinct and accessible brilliance which is all too rare.

Joseph Pearce






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St Paul’s Eight Steps to Happiness