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The Tempter’s Existence in the World and Nature

One of the most diabolical lies of all time is that the devil doesn’t exist. When we lose sight of the reality of the devil’s existence, our souls are in peril because we become defenseless in a battle we don’t even realize is being fought. The opposite view can also be insidious, as is increasingly clear in our age of rising obsession with the allurements of evil and the occult.  

In this preeminent collection of more than thirty historical, literary, philosophical, and psychological essays from esteemed authors, the nature and role of Satan are exposed, and the highest card he has to play against the world is revealed. This classic compendium is divided into five sections: “Satan’s Existence and Nature,” “The Place of the Devil outside Christianity,” “Possession and Diabolism,” “The Devil in Art and Literature,” and “Deicide.” Through these themes, you will learn how to discern when and where the devil is lurking, and ways to avoid his snares. You will also discover:

  • How precisely the evil one leads us into temptation and sin
  • Three remedies against the devil’s tactics according to St. John of the Cross 
  • Ways St. Teresa of Ávila was victorious over the enemy’s lies and “flies” 
  • How pagan religions view evil and demonic influence in the world 
  • How the greatest deceptions and evils enter the soul

In addition, you will see what the Scriptures, Church Fathers and other spiritual writers — including many saints — said about the devil’s existence and ploys. You’ll be absorbed by fascinating true stories from those who were possessed and delivered from evil spirits and by mysterious phenomena from dream demons, to pseudo-possession, to the Church’s view of witchcraft throughout history. 

Moreover, you will discover the connection between body, mind, and spirit in cases of possession and oppression, as well as the role of medicine in determining whether a person is authentically possessed. You will also observe how even in situations where an individual is not possessed, Satan may be working to hinder that person’s health and happiness. Above all, you will see that amid the darkness, there is hope. While we must always be on guard against the enemy’s snares, victory is ensured when we take refuge in Christ’s Precious Blood.




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