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The Nativity of Jesus Puzzle

1000 Piece Puzzle


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Instead of displaying the Christ child in a manger and enfolded in swaddling clothes, in his Adoration of the Shepherds, Ghirlandaio lies Christ on a fold of Mary's robe against the ground, while all the other figures kneel in adoration around Him. Joseph turns away to look towards the dazzling parade of the approaching Magi. The pageant wends its way through an expertly rendered distance in a cheerful array of pinks, yellows, and reds flecked with gold leaf - precious highlights noticeably lacking in the foreground figures. Ghirlandaio himself occupies an unusually prominent position as the kneeling shepherd in the foreground pointing to the Child with his hand on his heart, demonstrating not only his authorship of the work, but his devotion to the subject.

Puzzle size: 19 inches x 27 inches

The Collection:
The five puzzles included in the Sophia Collection feature beautiful sacred art from some of the greatest artists of all time, including Fra Angelico, Domenico Ghirandaio, and Giovanni Penni. Each image depicts a monumental moment in history. For centuries, individuals worldwide have used these very images for meditation and reflection. Now, for the first time, these treasured works have been transformed into 1,000-piece puzzles, allowing families to enjoy a favorite pastime while also reflecting and marveling at the beauty of these classic paintings.Each puzzle box contains high-quality pieces and elevated packaging, including a beautiful sacred art poster and insert explaining the meaning and significance of these timeless works of art.




Dimensions 9.75 × 7.75 × 2 in
Weight 30 oz
SKU u2774


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The Nativity of Jesus Puzzle