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Gotta Give it to God

A Christian Kids Book About Handling Big Emotions


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"This beautifully written book is filled with stunning illustrations! A wonderful message is conveyed for those fortunate enough to lay their hands on this keepsake! A beautiful gift to give and you'll want one for yourself!!!"

"This is the perfect book to teach your kids about feelings and emotions."

FEELINGS  can be as swirly and messy as splats of paint! At times, they can feel like a storm inside your heart. Learn how to hand everything over to God and, in return, recieve His peace.
In "Gotta Give It To God!" author Rochelle St. John Ruiz poetically weaves common childhood challenges into a lesson about exchanging difficult feelings for peace, by giving them to God.
"Like when the milk spills at breakfast, or when I cannot tie my shoe, or when I get my clothes stuck on my head, and I can't get my arms through! UGH! I gotta give it to God!"
Artist Pennie Mirande uses a variety of colors and splats of paint to communicate how swirly and messy feelings can be, then illustrates the transformative beauty only God can bring.
Families will enjoy reading through this helpful book that touches on feelings like frustration, sadness, and irritation, all while guiding them toward a healthy response of giving them to God.






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Gotta Give it to God