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God Will Not Abandon You

The Sermons of Msgr. Ignacio Barrciro


In one volume: 47 profound, uplifting sermons by one of the most gifted preachers of our time
Catholics who have been blessed to hear the late Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro preach in person know him to be almost beyond compare as a homilist. Few priests can plumb the depths of Scripture and Catholic doctrine as he does; fewer still have such power to touch the heart. Now, Roman Catholic Books has assembled 47 of Msgr. Barreiro's finest sermons – each of permanent value – into a single volume that's all but guaranteed to deepen your spiritual life and inspire you to become a better Catholic.
Linked to the major liturgical feasts and seasons, the sermons collected here range from profound spiritual reflections to penetrating social commentary to vigorous defenses of the traditional doctrines, disciplines and liturgy of the Church. Some key topics and themes:
  • The modern fallacy that Christ's infinite mercy somehow excuses disobedience to His unchanging moral commands
  • The perennial temptation to change the Gospel message to make it more acceptable—and the inevitable consequences
  • True conversion to Christ: not an isolated moment, as in Protestantism, but the living out of a spiritual habit
  • The two chief reasons Our Lord asks us to carry crosses
  • Faith without charity: not only a dead faith, but in some ways the faith of the demons themselves
  • How the truth and beauty of the traditional Mass can touch hearts and minds, and draw non-Catholics into the Church
  • The importance of public proclamations of our faith, such as Eucharistic processions
  • The fascinating history of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. How it perfectly accords with reason
  • How—and how not—to defend the Faith against its enemies (including those inside the Church)






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God Will Not Abandon You