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From Sojourner to Disciple

A Nine-Day Preparation for Investiture in Apostoli Viae and the Brown Scapular of Our Lady


The Brown Scapular holds a special place in the devotional life of the faithful. It is neither jewelry, sentimental religious article, nor vain token of superstition. Rather, it is a silent prayer, a gift from our heavenly Mother that draws us to the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son.

A simple pairing of two pieces of cloth with ribbon, the scapular when worn is a declaration that you have put on Christ and are seeking to follow His way in imitation of Mary, our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Although there is no formal preparation for investiture in the Brown Scapular, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby has collected in these pages the Church’s best writings on the subject to prepare you for receiving the scapular and incorporating it into your daily faith practice. Because Baptism is foundational to your consecration and commitment to Jesus Christ, Fr. Kirby organizes the reflections according to the six baptismal promises so as to heighten and intensify your experience of the baptismal way of life.

From Sojourner to Disciple will ground you in the spiritual significance of the scapular as a powerful sacramental that draws us closer to the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Kirby explains our Lady’s pivotal role in our salvation from the protoevangelium (“first gospel”) in Genesis to the Paschal Mystery in the Gospels, and he reveals the depths of God the Father’s healing love for you and Mary's maternal intercession in your life. From there you will grasp the protection and blessing that our Blessed Mother offers through the scapular.

Each chapter comprises three parts: preparation, with opening prayers and goals; teachings, which include a compelling real-world story with catechesis and reflection questions; and spiritual exercises, which include a brief reflection about a saint, a guided Lectio Divina meditation, a Rosary meditation, an examination of conscience, and more!

As Fr. Kirby breaks open wisdom from the Bible, Tradition, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you will learn:

  • How investiture in the scapular assists you in living out your baptismal promise
  • How to grow in Christian discipleship, live as a “small Christ,” and press on toward eternal glory
  • Why Carmelite spirituality opens your heart to spiritual freedom and the gift of contemplation
  • Ways to nurture the gift of sanctifying grace in your life and actively listen to God




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From Sojourner to Disciple