Dying Without Fear

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Dying without Fear, Catholic theologian Paul Chaloux’s follow-up to Why All People Suffer, focuses on the natural and spiritual concerns encountered in dying and death. Theologically rich yet easy to read, the book is emotionally charged as the author uses his own experiences in dealing with Parkinson’s Disease as well as the dying and death experiences of his family members going back four generations to help answer the natural and theological questions most people have concerning death and dying.

There are three sections in this book. The first section is a review of the theology of suffering and death. Dr. Chaloux explains how both suffering and death are critical to Providence, God’s great plan for the universe and why everyone must suffer and die and how even the most horrific deaths can be used by God to bring about salvation for themselves and others. The second section explores death and dying from the perspective of the dying, giving helpful advice on what to do with your remaining time and energy to maximize building love, the only currency that transcends heaven and earth. The third section focuses on dying and death from the perspective of a surviving relative. It explains typical causes of death, the needs of the dying, and the roll of the caregiver.

Dying without Fear will change your perspective about both suffering and death, as well as the relationship between God and Man to the point that you will truly be able to approach death without fear. The author has also placed study questions and a very detailed set of indices in the appendix to help readers find what they are looking for and to enhance the reading experience.







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