After Christendom

This item will be released June 18, 2024.


We are living through the greatest catastrophe since the fall of the Roman Empire. Western civilization isn’t dying: it’s already dead. Christendom is no more. What we see around us now isn’t Christian. It’s not even a civilization. It’s a walking corpse.

Of course, the West could be reborn someday. It died once before. But who brought it back? It was the mystics, the martyrs, and the missionaries. They must save the West again.  

In this book, we’ll look at just how bad the situation is, and how much worse it’s going to get. Then we’ll discuss how Christians can survive—even flourish—in the coming Dark Age. And I believe that we will flourish. Once again, the tears of the mystics, the sweat of the missionaries, and the blood of the martyrs will become the seed of the Church.






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After Christendom