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Strength in Simplicity

The Busy Catholic's Guide to Growing Closer to God

At last a spiritual book for Catholics who have to devote more time to making dinner and picking up the kids than to meditation and prayer! Essential (and easy) reading for busy Catholics, Strength in Simplicity shows you how to grow closer to God in the things you already do every day, without burdening you with numerous devotions or complicated methods.

Author Emmanuel de Gibergues explores the virtue of simplicity — that is, having the single intention of pleasing God in all that you do. You'll learn what a difference simplicity can make for you — as it did for our Lord and our Lady. You'll come to recognize the signs of true simplicity and find out how to practice simplicity toward God and in your life's activities. Even better, you'll find the secrets of practicing simplicity within yourself — a deceptively difficult spiritual discipline that de Gibergues makes easy here.

As this book helps you bring the calming and transforming virtue of simplicity into every part of your life, you'll become better able to direct all things to God and learn new ways to be attentive to His presence in your life. Don't rush through life without this saving message!

Strength in Simplicity reveals to you:

  • True simplicity: how it isn't willful ignorance or simple-mindedness
  • Your intentions: are they pure? Why this could be the most important question you'll ever answer
  • Two advantages of simplicity: what you'll gain by clearing your life of complications
  • How simplicity can make you generous, courageous, and more loving
  • Failure: your attitude toward it may be crippling your spiritual life.
  • The most dreaded enemy of your soul's progress: is it keeping you from deepening your happiness and love for God?
  • Two indispensable qualities for beginners in the spiritual life: do you have them?
  • And much more to help you simplify your life and come closer to God!


Readers will be richly rewarded with spiritual insight.

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Strength in Simplicity