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Father Benedict

The Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI


Pope Benedict XVI is widely considered to be the greatest theologian and Catholic thinker of our time. n these pages, author James Day unpacks the voluminous teachings of Pope Benedict and presents his remedies for the many ills afflicting the Church and our culture, including individualism, materialism, secularism, and godlessness.

At a time when the many “isms” of our day are pulling people away from the Faith, Father Benedict presents a hope-filled future, but only if we are to follow the guidance of Pope Benedict and the path he presents to us in every aspect of life: the formation of the Christian faith, in loving others, in personal vocation, in education, and in how we see the natural world.

Pope Benedict XVI offers our generation one of the clearest understandings of our world today, tirelessly championing the New Evangelization and a sacramental return to Christ and His Church. Father Benedict offers a compelling case for the Christian way, guiding us through the thoughts and writings of the Bavarian priest who became the Holy Father, and who now simply wishes to be called “Father Benedict.”


James Day's Father Benedict weaves a beautiful tapestry of Pope Benedict's life, works and legacy.

Joan Lewis

Holy Pontiffs of the Catholic Church should serve the servants of God with clarity and charity. According to these two crucial criteria, popes don't come much better than Benedict XVI. James Day's book is therefore most welcome.

Joseph Pearce

The mind of the Church and the Civilization today is still sustained by Benedict XVI. James Day's account of the varied aspects of the mind and thought of Benedict presents a concise record of his fundamental thought.

Rev. James V. Schall, S. J.

James Day reminds all of us that, like all good fathers, Benedict XVI has left the Church a rich legacy of thought and ideas – a heritage rooted in ancient truths with the power to transform the future.

Samuel Gregg, D.Phil






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Father Benedict