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Meet Thomas Aquinas! There is no better introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas than this classic work, which acquaints readers with the essentials of St. Thomas's remarkable life and teachings. In clear, bold strokes it demonstrates his importance — as a thinker and as a saint — for Catholics and all those seeking truth in the world today.

Here you will encounter the mild-mannered, unassuming thirteenth-century friar who wrote poems so sublime they are sung in churches worldwide to this day, and the mystic whose wisdom came from a vision of God Himself.

Betweentimes, this remarkable author and teacher explained profound philosophical and theological concepts in words so simple and arguments so clear that common men could follow them and sophisticated opponents were left no option but to agree.

In St. Thomas's day, ancient Greek philosophical ideas penetrated Christendom again, threatening to overturn conventional notions of God. Undaunted by this challenge and convinced that faith and reason can never contradict, St. Thomas gave full scope to both, crafting, as Fr. Sertillanges shows in these pages, an enduring synthesis that to this day preserves the integrity — and increases the authority — of each.

No wonder subsequent generations found the wisdom of St. Thomas sweet: he drinks deeply not from one but from two deep wells — faith and reason; and as you come to know St. Thomas better through these pages, you'll learn to do so, too.

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"The teachings of St. Thomas are so vast that they contain, like a sea, all the wisdom that flows from the ancients: all the truths that had been spoken, all that had been wisely sifted by the pagan philosophers, by the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church, and by the eminent men who flourished before him."

Pope Leo XII
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Before you tackle actually reading Aquinas...
I enjoy this author. Here he provides a solid account of Aquinas - his life, ideas, and threads leading to his works. Adds perspective to a read of Aquinas's works. If you're going to try to absorb Aquinas, you should start here.
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Fides quaerens intellectum
This Book is for all, but especially and specifically for the student. Acquinas is seeking TRUTH. Human Reason is one of his tools. He starts from "ground level" i.e. fundamental principles of thinking. These are absolutely essential. If you haven't grasped these principles, Acquinas is not for you. Then the second tool: Faith. This really is a gift. But it is the dispenser of TRUTH as is Human REASON. Faith and Reason cannot contradict each other. Once you have tasted the sweetness of TRUTH, your life will be changed. Read this Book by A.G. Sertillanges and you will be encouraged and I hope inflamed with an insatiable thirst. The more you drink at the 'pool of TRUTH, the more you want to drink. Quenching the thirst only aggravates the thirst. Knowledge and Understanding are things of the Spirit. Read Acquinas and find out about the Human spirit, the Soul of Man. Sertillanges will lead you along the path. He knows what he is doing- he has tasted it all himself!
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