God’s Plan For Your Marriage

An Exploration of Holy Matrimony from Genesis to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb


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This life is preparation for eternity, and from the beginning, God created marriage to help married couples become saints. Indeed, God has given to married couples the profound gift of being able to fulfill the purpose of their creation through, with, and in each other. Marriage is a foreshadowing of Heaven, and each married couple must work with God if their marriage is to be a foretaste of eternity.

In this thought-provoking and uplifting book, Fr. Robert Altier unpacks the theological significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and brilliantly explains how it has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning - and will eventually be fulfilled at the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb in Heaven. Teeming with practical wisdom and clear examples, these pages delve into the surpassing dignity of marriage as a covenant and a sacrament - and a call to holiness.

You will learn how the graces and virtues that are conferred in the Sacrament of Marriage transform the unity of the couple - not just in the flesh but in the heart and soul. You’ll learn how to predispose yourself to receive this divine power and, best of all, how to love your spouse more deeply. You will also explore the significance of marriage vows and how men are called to be the spiritual leaders and women are cal(more...)

  • Pages: 208
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-692-8
  • Product Code: 6928
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  • Publication Date: September 27, 2022
  • Categories: By Title, Marriage and Family Life, New Releases
Monica Kolars
I have two favorite parts of the book: one, the analogy between the Church and the Domestic church, the family. I never thought of both having a temple, an altar and a priest! It was very moving and profound. The second is the connection between the sacraments of Holy Matrimony and Holy Eucharist. Both of Father Altier’s reflections on these realities will help me immensely as I walk with couples in my teaching of NFP, particularly the Creighton FertilityCare method. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to express the reality of marital intimacy beyond the physical. His insights have given me words to express what cannot be conveyed in soundbites and yet, it is so necessary for married couples to understand their own sublime dignity and that of their vocation. I plan to use it as a resource in my teaching.
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