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The Annunciation

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Ecce Fiat – The Annunciation, is the first Gregorian chant recording of the monastic choir of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey. It was recorded in the spring of 2012, in the new, partially-completed Abbey Church, which has been under construction since 2010. The wind and other sounds of spring also found their way onto the recording, giving it a unique character and a truly "Clear Creek" flavor. This album includes the principal chants which occur in the Divine Office and Holy Mass for the feast of the Annunciation.

  1. Sequence "Mittit ad Virginem" 3:52
  2. Mass, Introit "Vultum tuum" 3:13
  3. Gradual "Diffusa est" 3:39
  4. Alleluia "Ave Maria" 3:17
  5. Offertory "Ave Maria" 2:07
  6. Communion "Ecce Virgo" 1:00
  7. Vespers "Deus in adjutorium" 0:58
  8. Antiphon "Missus est" 0:29
  9. Antiphon "Ave Maria" 0:35
  10. Antiphon "Ne timeas, Maria" 0:45
  11. Antiphon "Dabit ei Dominus" 0:34
  12. Antiphon "Ecce ancilla Domini" with psalmody 2:31
  13. Prolix Responsory "Gaude Maria" 4:41
  14. Hymn "Ave maris stella" 3:02
  15. Magnificat Ant. of 1st Vespers "Spiritus Sanctus" 0:35
  16. Benedictus Ant. of Lauds "Quomodo fiet istud" 1:11
  17. Short Responsory "Angelus Domini" 1:47
  18. Versicle and Responsory 0:36
  19. Magnificat Ant. of 2nd Vespers "Gabriel Angelus" 4:12
  20. Collect prayer of the feast of the Annunciation 1:18
  21. Antiphon of Compline "Ave Regina Caelorum" 1:41
  22. Hymn "Salutatio Sanctae Mariae" 3:01
  23. "Angelus" prayer and the bells of Clear Creek 2:24
  24. "Pax aeterna" 1:39
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