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Rediscovering Our Lost Fullness

A Guide to Sexual Integration

by Andrew Comiskey

With candor and grace, Comiskey recounts real-life stories of people who were freed from the grip of sexual disorders.

The expected release date is Nov 22, 2022.

The Secret of the Bethlehem Shepherds

by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

This little book sheds new light on an old, old story, deepening its beauty and enriching your Advent and Christmas celebrations for years to come.

The expected release date is Nov 22, 2022.

Reading Scripture Like the Early Church

Seven Insights from the Church Fathers to Help You Understand the Bible

by James Papandrea

In this brief yet penetrating book, Dr. James Papandrea cuts through the confusion by revealing what the early Church Fathers actually taught and believed about the Holy Scripture as well as how they read, understood, and interpreted the Word of God.

The expected release date is Nov 22, 2022.

Holiness for Everyone

The Practical Spirituality of St. Josemaria Escriva

by Eric Sammons

In this spiritual powerhouse of a book, Eric Sammons organizes the wisdom of St. Josemaría Escrivá into an action plan for living out holiness in your everyday life.

The expected release date is Nov 15, 2022.

You Are That Temple!

A Catholic Guide to Health and Holiness

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

This book uniquely integrates Christian wisdom with good nutrition, including the roles of carbohydrates, fats, proteins - and prayer.

The expected release date is Nov 15, 2022.

Fiat: Traditional Catholic Planner



With a monthly goal-setting page, a spread for daily planning each week, weekly to-do lists, habit trackers, and ample space for notes, this planner sure to satisfy all your basic planning needs.


The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

The Sacrament of Confession


Here is the single volume you need to guide you through making a good Confession and fruitful reparation thereafter.

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

Finding Happiness in a Complex World

Rules from Aristotle and Aquinas

by Charles P. Nemeth JD, PhD, LL.M

In these enlightening pages, Dr. Charles Nemeth synthesizes the judgments of history’s two greatest thinkers to present for you a life plan that inevitably leads to a happy human existence, whatever your ethnicity, religion, or citizenship. 

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

The Holy Mass

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

by Kevin and Mary O'Neill

Charming Catholic friends Fulton and Cynthia return in this vivid comic-book format to take children on a simple yet profound journey through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

A Journey to Mount Carmel

A Nine-Day Preparation for Investiture in the Brown Scapular of Our Lady

by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby S.T.D

A Journey to Mount Carmel will ground you in the spiritual significance of the scapular as a powerful sacramental that draws us closer to the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist.

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

Catechism of the Spiritual Life


In this dynamic and authoritative book on the spiritual life, Cardinal Robert Sarah shows us how to enter into and progress through the spiritual life.

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

They Are Living in Chains

My Quest to Liberate Africa’s “Untouchables”

by Grégoire Ahongbonon

In this gripping memoir, Grégoire Ahongbonon recounts his journey from a simple garage owner to a beacon of hope to the homeless and mentally ill of West Africa.

The expected release date is Oct 25, 2022.

The Wise Men Who Found Christmas

by Raymond Arroyo

The Wise Men Who Found Christmas is the miraculous, untold tale of three seekers who followed a star and found themselves in the middle of the greatest story ever told.

The expected release date is Oct 11, 2022.

Adoration From Carmel

Eucharistic Hymns from the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

by Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

With their original angelic choir sound, the Sisters radiate peace and beauty through their hymns of Praise of God. This cozy and ethereal collection will be a timeless classic for years to come.

The Jesse Tree

An Advent Devotion

by Eric Sammons


Taught by Ten

A Psychologist Father Learns from His Ten Children

by Dr. Ray Guarendi

With his rich, tenfold experience as a father, Dr. Ray gives guidance that will help you gain confidence toward molding and instructing your own children.

St John and the Apocalypse

by Fr. C.C. Martindale, S.J.

In this exceptionally authoritative and insightful book, Fr. C. C. Martindale elucidates the historical and theological interpretations of the Apocalypse from Roman times to the present.

Life of Christ

by Fr. Giuseppe Ricciotti

Fr. Giuseppe Ricciotti’s Life of Christ is a monumental work in which the author surveys the chronology, history, customs, and geography pertinent to the life of Christ.

The Little Way of Living with Less

Learning to Let Go with the Little Flower

by Laraine Bennett

Through the words and example of the Little Flower, you will find peace, joy, and security as you learn how to overcome disorder - whether physical, mental, or spiritual.


God’s Plan For Your Marriage

An Exploration of Holy Matrimony from Genesis to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb

by Fr. Robert J. Altier

In this thought-provoking and uplifting book, Fr. Robert Altier unpacks the theological significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and brilliantly explains how it has been a part of God's plan from the beginning - and will eventually be fulfilled at the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb in Heaven.

The Exorcism Files

True Stories of Demonic Possession

by Adam Blai

Drawing from his extensive experience in assisting with cases of demonic oppression and possession, in The Exorcism Files , Adam Blai presents readers with enlightening true stories and traces their causation.
860008626684.jpg book cover

Ecce Fiat

The Annunciation

by The Monks of Clear Creek

Ecce Fiat – The Annunciation, is the first Gregorian chant recording of the monastic choir of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey.

Rorate Cœli

Marian Sounds of Advent

by The Monks of Clear Creek

From Rorate Cœli, the first words of the Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin in Advent, to the Mass of the vigil of Christmas, listeners will be treated to the mystical sounds of the Advent/early Christmas season.

The Mystery of Divine Love

by Fr. Wojciech Giertych

Have you ever longed for a soul-enriching personal retreat with a spiritual master that you could experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home?

The Gods of Atheism

by Fr. Vincent Miceli S.J.

Fr. Vincent Miceli breaks new ground in this fascinating analysis of seventeen Enlightenment theologians and philosophers who contributed to the rise of atheism.

Written in Stone

How the Ten Commandments Strengthen and Heal Our World

by Fr. P. J. Gannon

"Humanity has really two courses open to it - to get back to clear thinking and right moral principles, or to continue its perilous drift toward the abyss."

Christ and the Powers of Darkness

by J. Godfrey Raupert

A crucial book for our own day. Every Catholic should read it, in whole or at least in part.

The Sins of Parents

The Common Mistakes Parents Make in Raising Their Children – and How to Avoid Them

by Fr. Charles Hugo Doyle


Frequent Confession

Its Place in the Spiritual Life

by Fr. Benedict Baur, O.S.B.

This is the book you need to discover the significant advantages of frequent Confession and the keys to making each Confession more fruitful

Struggles in the Spiritual Life

Their Nature and Their Remedies

by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Here is a powerful, life-changing book that will help you understand and conquer the struggles you face in your spiritual life. It's a book for those who love the Lord and desire holiness yet often feel adrift or stagnant in their search for spiritual growth.

The Diary of Saint Gemma Set

by St. Gemma GalganiPaul Chaloux


The Illustrated Liturgical Year Calendar Coloring Book: Time After Pentecost

September 18 - November 26, 2022

by Michaela Harrison

These glorious coloring pages will help your children focus on and internalize the beauty of the traditional liturgical year.

Handbook of Moral Theology

by Dominic M. Prümmer, O.P.

In our own time of widespread confusion and decay, Fr. Prümmer's Handbook is the definitive and complete Catholic source book of the Church's moral doctrine as it was received and taught before the laxity and innovations of the last century.
9781644137208.jpg book cover
$14.95 $12.99

Stages in Prayer

by Fr. J.G. Arintero O.P.

Here's the spiritual classic that will elevate your prayer life from the "ordinary" to the "supernatural" by exploring and guiding you through the five fundamental stages of prayer.

The Diary of Saint Gemma

by St. Gemma Galgani

Here is the remarkable diary of this young saint, which her spiritual director ordered her to write.

Unleashing Hope

The Biography of Venerable Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament

by Sister Timothy Marie Kennedy, O.C.D.

Here is the book that you need to "live in hope" in uncertain times. This seminal biography of Venerable Luisa de la Peña Navarro (1866–1937), "Mother Luisita," reveals gripping historical events and stories of the atrocious persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s.

Pilgrimage to the Museum

Man's Search for God Through Art and Time


Through the works of these great artists, you will encounter the profound truths that lead many to God and cause many others to wonder.

You Are Called to Greatness

by Leo J. Trese

In these short, compelling chapters, Fr. Leo Trese brilliantly explains how we can manifest our faith, hope, and love for God in our everyday lives, and he shares concrete ways you can grow in zeal through simple actions.
Set_373.png book cover
$37.9 $26.99

Unleashing Hope Set

by Sister Timothy Marie Kennedy, O.C.D.


Catholic Essentials

A Guide to Understanding Key Church Teachings

by Fr. Wade Menezes

Finally, here is a book that provides brief teachings on the basics of the Faith for everyone. Quickly find answers you need to questions on faith, reason, Church governance, Christology, ecclesiology, Apostolic Succession, the Communion of Saints, the precepts of the Church, and much more.

You Are Called to Greatness Set

by Fr. Raoul PlusLeo J. Trese

Set_370.png book cover
$37.9 $29.99

Wrath of God Set

by Fr. Livio Fanzaga

Set_369.png book cover
$37.9 $29.99

War and Peace Set

by Archbishop Fulton J. SheenAllan Smith

Set_368.png book cover
$28.9 $16.99

Icon of Trust Set

by Melissa MaleskiFr. Slawomir Szkredka, S.S.D.

Set_367.png book cover
$39.9 $29.99

Gethsemane Set

by Christopher Malloy


Declaration of Dependence Set

by Archbishop Fulton J. SheenAnne Hendershott


Precious Gift of Old Age Set

by St. Robert BellarmineFr. John LaFarge, S.J.

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