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The Knight Who Gave Us King Arthur

Sir Thomas Malory, Knight Hospitaller

Rarely does serious, scholarly, peer-reviewed research into the life of a historic person uncover a factual story like this one, as intriguing as modern mystery-adventure fiction. For centuries, readers have been enthralled by the tales of the doomed Round Table, the mythical King Arthur, and the hopeless love of Guinevere, his queen, and Sir Lancelot, his greatest knight. A great mystery surrounds the author of this timeless work, however. Undeniable evidence indicates that his true identity has been mistaken for hundreds of years.

In these captivating pages, you will learn more about the mysterious author and the secret reason why he didn’t seek any attention for himself. You will marvel at the astonishing discovery of an older version of his masterpiece–the greatest fifteenth-century literary work in English—and the shocking place where its source lay hidden for seven hundred years.

While it is certain that a Sir Thomas Malory was the author, more than one man with that name lived during that period. Dr. Cecelia Linton separates the fact from the fiction surrounding this enigma. She reveals answers to such questions as:

  • Did the real author actually spend ten years in prison?
  • Was he disinherited because he was considered a “by-blow”?
  • What do clues such as his dialect tell us about the author’s identity?
  • Was the author of Le Morte Darthur really a member of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers?
  • Who helped inspire the quest for the Holy Grail? (You will be surprised!)
  • Do the author’s characters and plot reflect his beliefs and lifestyle?

Through Dr. Linton’s exhaustive research and extensive findings, you will learn fascinating facts about Malory’s family and their society. Most significantly, you will see actual documentation of the man who claimed authorship of Le Morte Darthur, along with pictures relating to his life.

Dr. Linton further examines the possible sources for Malory’s account. She relates how Malory adds his own special nuances that indicate he was interested most of all in the transformation of the soul. You will also delight in learning about Malory’s craft and whether his life more closely paralleled that of Arthur or Lancelot.

Additionally, you will find out the astonishing connection between King Arthur and the Cistercians and come to appreciate monasticism—especially as reflected in the life of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, as never before. Above all, you will see the faith shine through Malory’s tales as he highlights the sacred brotherhood and the calling of the esteemed healers and intrepid warriors of the Order of Knights Hospitallers.


Entertaining writing, solid scholarship, and convincing evidence as to the real identity of Thomas Malory.

Anne Carroll

This is an absolute game changer.

Dr. James Spisak

Dr. Linton is a modern day literary-historical Sherlock Holmes who has uncovered the clues to the true identity of Sir Thomas Malory, the author of Le Morte Darthur, unrecognized by other scholars for well over five centuries.

Dr. Robert Rice




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The Knight Who Gave Us King Arthur