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Our Journey to God

An African Priest Explores the Power of Faith from Abraham to You

There is one commonality among every saint: they all have deep faith in God that was lived out in their daily lives. Fr. Maurice Emelu explains here how the faith of Abraham, Moses, Mary, and other biblical figures evolved, and how their journey serves as a roadmap for how our faith-life can be built, nourished, and grown.

Drawing on his West African roots as well as his many years of pastoral ministry, Fr. Emelu combines the story-telling culture of Africa with a Western worldview to offer a unique perspective on the nature of faith and what it means to grow closer to the Lord.

Theological yet practical, these pages show you what the journey of faith looks like, and explains the essential elements to a life of faith which can transform not only lives, but society itself. You'll also learn:

  • The four main stages of every person's journey of faith
  • How you can grow from the elementary forms of divine realization to deeper awareness of God
  • How the journey of faith proceeds from the simple to the complex, and from the known to the unknown
  • How faith is essential for understanding truth and fully realizing the gift of reason
  • Why Abraham and the Blessed Mother are the best models for living out God's will
  • The various forms of doubt that can hurt - and even help - our relationship with the Lord
  • Ways in which faith can break the boundaries of fear and pride
  • How faith is a source of unity not division among peoples

Faith is not an individual's private dominion. It is the core of our identity as religious beings. Read this book, and you will not only deepen your own faith in God, you will develop a greater appreciation of the transforming power of faith.


Father Emelu’s book Our Journey to God is the Christian faith as seen by an African theologian. I congratulate him for this wonderful contribution, which shows the relevance of the Christian faith in a society which is becoming increasingly materialistic.

+Cornelius Fontem Esua

Father Emelu’s insightful exploration of the journey of faith employs a deep and delightful method, weaving together theoretical explanations, biblical and African stories, and genuine solutions to stubborn practical problems... I recommend this book not only to those seeking deeper faith, but also to those who are curious but as yet uncommitted.

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

Fr. Emelu relates his experience of cross-cultural evangelization and takes it to another level in his ministry. This has been enriched by his lived experience in the Diocese of Fresno.

Most Reverend Armando X. Ochoa, D.D.

Refreshing and penetrating in its analysis, embellished with rich cultural experience. This book by a priest from my diocese, who through his various enriching programs and speeches has profoundly touched many lives, is superb discussion on the faith. I highly recommend it to all.

Most Reverend Augustine Ukwuoma, PhD

Fr. Maurice takes us on an insightful and engaging journey inward and upward. His wit, coupled with intriguing practicality, will surely charm even the atheist to whom he dedicates this work.

Tina Facca-Meiss, Ph.D.






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Our Journey to God