Classic Catholic Meditations

To Enrich Your Faith and Help You Pray

Without regular reminders of God and a sure routine of prayer and meditation, the inner life shrivels, devotion grows listless, and the Sacraments can become mere habits.

Daily meditation is a proven remedy for such dangerous spiritual lethargy, and in our challenging time it is a more important practice than ever before.

Originally published as Meditations for Layfolk, this edition of Classic Catholic Meditations recovers the readable and insightful essays of Fr. Bede Jarrett, OP (d. 1934), who understood the need for Catholic laypeople to shape and sanctify their busy lives with brief times of devotion and focused mental prayer.

In these pages, Fr. Jarrett offers more than 120 meditations with precisely that goal in mind: None are longer than 1,000 words, and each one attends to some unique truth of Divine Revelation that assists the reader in personal prayer.

Don't know how to meditate? Fr. Jarrett's simple and kindly guidance is accessible for those in all walks of life, and makes this time-honored practice understandable for those unfamiliar with traditional Catholic forms of prayer.

Classic Catholic Meditations will calm your soul, inform and enrich your faith, and help you enter more deeply into prayer. Why not begin today?






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Classic Catholic Meditations