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Christmas Blossoms

Zhang Jian is a master artist of interior glass painting. He celebrated Christmas as a child before the Communist Revolution overturned his simple and beautiful world. But he never forgot the sights, smells, good cheer, and happy anticipation of that joyous season.

Familiarity with the enchantments of Christmas is a rare thing in China. Throughout his life, quiet Jian draws on this private inspiration to craft especially lovely Christmas ornaments for girls and boys across two oceans, bringing financial success to the glass works factory where he is employed.

After Midnight Mass, overcome with sacred emotion, old Jian designs and paints one last ornament with the intention of inspiring the men and women of his country to understand who they are in relation to the Christ child.

Christmas Blossoms is an impassioned and imaginative tale that explores the fascinating irony of our most cherished Christmas objects, both sacred and secular, produced by the artists and craftsmen of Communist China. In their imaginations, in the depth of their hearts, what do these artisans think of the mangers, the shepherds, Santa Claus, and Mother Mary? Of the star, the bells, the holly, and the Wise Men? Most significantly, what do they make of the Holy Child Who exists at the heart of the West?

A story for young and old, parents and children alike, this beautifully illustrated novella captures how the Christmas spirit endures and stirs hearts despite the antagonistic forces of commercialism and oppression—and it will touch your heart as well. Prepare to be swept away as you witness the precious moment when Christmas returned to China.


Faith stolen. Faith hidden. Faith preserved. A tale wonderfully told and beautifully illustrated.

Austin Ruse

In this charming novel we are reminded of the flavour of Christmas even during so difficult times, like the ones of the cultural revolution in China. We have always to look at the Lord, even when we are in deep trouble, He is our strength and our hope.

Cardinal Joseph Zen

Priscilla McCaffrey has written a beautiful little masterpiece. It is a story which is rich in its profound insights yet accessible to all. It speaks of a true joy of Christmas and sweetly allows us to enter into this wondrous mystery with grateful hearts.

Timothy O’Donnell

The beauty of Christ’s birth is the inspiration for this touching story of an exquisite artist who makes that beauty visible in his delicate creations, but most importantly in his life-long love for the Child who came to save us.

Fr. Gerald Murray

Imagine the light of Christ shining in one Chinese artist's heart-- overcoming the darkness around him: Pricilla Smith McCaffrey does this in her simple, poignant , and beautifully told story about the significance of the Nativity.

Michael Jordan






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Christmas Blossoms