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12 Rules for Manliness

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

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Hold on to your horses and get ready for the ride of your life! World Champion surfer Bear Woznick connects us to that deep call in every man’s heart to live the heroic way and champion a cause greater than himself. Bear reveals ways to become an everyday hero, someone who goes beyond the ordinary in the little and big moments of life, who rides high in the saddle, rides for the brand, come hell or high water, and pursues God’s call in his life.

Cowboys and manliness fit together like a well-worn leather glove. Cowboys live by a personal Creed, and they know how to take a stand. They have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and they commit to it. In so doing, they inspire others to do the same.

In these gritty pages, Bear cuts through the fog of “woke false righteousness” with the clarity of the snap of the whip that a cowboy wields when protecting the herd from wolves. Now more than ever, your family, your church, and the world need you to mount up and ride the proving trail where you will discover your own grit and determination — your manliness — and not apologize for it. Bear invites you on the most radical quest of all: pursuing God’s will in power and humility. You’re needed now. Are you

ready to man up and ride?

You will come to know:

  • The twelve “rules” of the cowboy code and how to write and pursue your own
  • How to bridle your appetites and passions, and what it means to “ride for the brand” of God
  • How to discern God’s will for your life and how to set off on “the proving trail” to pursue the adventure that God has planned for you
  • How to be fearless and dangerous in spiritual warfare and, if it comes down to it, to physically fight to protect your family
  • The three strategies for taking a stand, overcoming temptation, and defeating the enemy in battle
  • How to maintain your physical fitness so that you can sustain the pursuit of God’s call in your life


Cowboys aren’t born. They’re discovered. 12 Rules for Manliness can help all of us discover the cowboy code that transforms boys into men. If you’re looking for an adventure, then saddle up with Bear.

Fr. Bryce Lungren

Bear helps us recall these natural, God-given traits and virtues and combine them with supernatural Christian grace.  Rediscover this strength, man of God, and use it to serve!

Mark Hartfiel

Somehow the idea got out that masculinity is the same as machismo. It’s not. It’s half the story of sanctity. Bear Woznick is here at last to set the record straight.

Michael Aquilina

Where have all the cowboys gone--men with a clear sense of what it means to be a faithful, virtuous man and who try to live accordingly? Drawing from personal experience, biblical wisdom, and the best of cowboy literature and lore, Bear Woznick sets out to answer that question. He challenges current popular notions of manhood in ways that are sure to provoke some, sober others, and inspire still others

Paul Thigpen, PhD

I have long admired Bear's passion for virtue while building up the Body of Christ through his adventurous endeavors. Now, more than ever, we need men who are willing to step up to be the 'strong, virtuous Cowboys' Bear describes in his latest book. A fantastic way to inspire masculinity: the Wild West, the path less taken and lives of hardened, humble men. Well-done, Bear!

Rose Rea

Bear gets right to the heart of the modern day version of spiritual warfare over truth, the assault on the family, with a laser focus on the lies of the “woke” culture about men and their participation in salvation.  Bear’s signature easy to read style with well chosen stories illuminates  the path to the light and  salvation through Jesus Christ and his presence in the Eucharist, being with us and guiding us through the Holy Spirit  “until the end of the age."

Scott French, MD

Our culture is losing the image and respect of the masculine man with a fist of steel in a velvet glove. Men are belittled, priests are slandered and fathers are mocked. But for a society to be strong, young men need heroic models. As Bear Woznick so well explains, we need to reclaim the cowboys among us — godly, masculine men who can inspire the next generation of manly young men (and the gals that admire them).

Steven Ray

As we thank Bear Woznick for his insightful challenge to rediscover the manhood and fatherly care that are so needed in today’s world, he points us always to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and the “Cowboy of all cowboys” who feeds us with himself and his everlasting love.

The Most Reverend Larry Silva






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12 Rules for Manliness