About Ian Murphy

Dr. Ian Murphy had a stirring journey into Christianity. Formerly gripped by fears and doubts about the existence of God, life after death, and the meaning of life, he experienced a miraculous and palpable encounter with the reality of the spiritual realm that initially led him to Christ. His ministry to reach other doubting Thomases with the gospel unexpectedly rocketed to public attention when his valedictory speech about Jesus made headlines nationwide, inspiring a congressional law from Senator Arlen Specter. Murphy was pastor at a Baptist church in Texas until his decision to enter the Catholic Church. He became a professor of world religions and theology while his ministry continued through radio and television broadcasts. Murphy’s book Dying to Live: From Agnostic to Baptist to Catholic was published with a foreword by Scott Hahn and an author-narrated audiobook version was released. Murphy currently resides near Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife, Rachel, and he continues to travel around the country as a popular Catholic speaker.

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