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A life-long Catholic, Fernando Flores remembers fondly selecting his Confirmation Saint, St. Peter Claver, not only for his saintly works but also, because of his connection with Colombia. Growing up in the church he was always fascinated with the stories of the saints. A life-long foodie, who once dreamed of attending the famed cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu. Being invited to co-present a Cooking with our Saints (CWOS) class (celebrating St. Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena and Colombian cuisine) was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. He enjoyed the class so much that he offered to join in the organization of future sessions.CWOS was a natural progression in Fernando Flores leadership in developing “fellowship through food” activities within the St. Veronica parish community and school, where his two children attended. Through apostolates, like the Knights of Columbus, the parish school and the Food, Farm and Faith Annual Dinner, Flores believes that food can be a key to open a little door to the soul, were faith and fellowship can follow.The son of immigrants from Colombia and Mexico, Flores is blessed to have incredible cooks in the family, willing to share their time-honored traditions. From making that perfect Colombian Arroz con coco, to appreciating the labor of love that is a perfect Mexican Mole Poblano, he has developed a passion for cooking that has fed him well! Today his culinary adventures run the gamut–from side-of-the-road shacks to the finest Michelin-starred restaurants, from eating chicharrón con yuca on plantain leaves to hunts for the latest in avant-garde molecular gastronomy.Equally passionate about international affairs and humanitarian causes, Fernando has had a 25-plus year career with the United Nations. Through his work, he has traveled to over 40 countries, sampling all-types of local cuisine along the way.

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