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The Gods of Atheism

Fr. Vincent Miceli breaks new ground in this fascinating analysis of seventeen Enlightenment theologians and philosophers who contributed to the rise of atheism. He explores their efforts and unfortunate successes in convincing mankind to deny the existence of God, and he brilliantly demonstrates how atheism has succeeded by creating mythical gods to stand in the place of the true God. What Fr. Miceli shows over and over is that each tenet of atheism doesn't deny the existence of a Higher Power; it simply replaces the true Power with a false power.

Prayer as a Political Problem

Decades before secularism and atheism wrested control of our institutions and took to the streets, the late Cardinal Jean Danielou foresaw their ominous ascent. While most of the Church was reveling in the optimism of Vatican II, Cardinal Danielou courageously sounded the alarm over the rise of these twin evils and the damage they would inflict on the Church and culture.

Christianity, he argues, is in grave danger of being overwhelmed by the concurrent rise of seductive technologies, secularist doctrines, and atheistic ideologies. Modern society is allowing less and less space for the religious dimension of man, which is creating conditions that place the survival of the Christian people very much in doubt. 

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