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From Rorate Coeli, the first words of the Saturday Mass of the Blessed Virgin in Advent, to the Mass of the vigil of Christmas, listeners will be treated to the mystical sounds of the Advent/early Christmas season. This chant, as sung acapella by the monks of Clear Creek Abbey, transports the listener to the sacred rhythm of the monastic liturgy in honor of Mary, with the musical language of Gregorian chant and of selections of polyphonic sacred choral music. Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, located in Oklahoma, USA, is a young and vibrant monastic community dedicated to the contemplative praying of the sung liturgy. The richness of the Latin liturgical lyrics (which the music faithfully echoes) is available in English and French in the accompanying booklet, which also includes a musical commentary on the spirit of the pieces. Let the light of Advent and Christmas enter your heart and your home this year with Rorate Coeli: Marian Sounds of Advent by The Monks of Clear Creek.

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  • Publication Date: September 09, 2022
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