Restless Heart

My Struggle with Life & Sexuality


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In this candid and vulnerable memoir, Kim Zember exposes details of her life that many wouldn't dare to admit, let alone publish. 

Her desires for women, money, and comfort lead her down a path far from that of her Christian upbringing. Her impulsive lifestyle, coupled with an underlying fear of being alone, constantly drive her to drown out the small whisper of God she hears in moments of silence and stillness.  

Torn by her desires, she lives a double life, jumping back and forth from husband to girlfriends, drunken nights to morning church, Southern California real estate to nonprofit work in Ethiopia.

These pages of conflict, questioning, and seeking to embody the struggle of a human soul. Yet even out of the darkest moments, love breaks through in radical ways and carries her into her God-given purpose, into serving others, into joy. 

Kim's transparency about her life offers encouragement to those seeking peace and joy for their own restless hearts. In the end, love wins.

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"Kim's witness and message is one of hope and freedom. I know that every person who reads this book will be impacted in some way because it is a work of the Holy Spirit in the life of Kim, which is evidenced by her conversion and joyful faith. Especially in the arena of homesexuality, Kim's presentation of the Truth with love is so needed in the world today!"

Jackie Francois Angel
Speaker, blogger, and author of "Pray, Decide, and Don't Worry: 5 Steps to Discerning God's Will"
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  • Publication Date: September 10, 2020
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Super readable and engaging, Kim Zember takes us on a fast ride through the escapades of her truly Restless Heart. If you learn from other people's mistakes, this will prevent bruises. If you don't, this is a guide, an invitation, to get back on track for real peace, lasting joy and your own life's meaning and purpose. Kim has answers for hard questions - for those lost and searching in today's messy culture and for families today who want to love their struggling kids the right way
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