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What Scripture and the Catholic Church really have to say about Heaven

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Some folks still think Heaven's a land of clouds and harps, while others imagine it as a grand resort where fishermen always land the big one and all golfers shoot under par. Many confess they're not sure about the details, but one thing they know for certain: there will be no troubles or tears in Heaven. For each of us, Heaven will be whatever makes us feel good.

Harps and golf and stress-free living? Did Jesus die to make us cozy? Or suffer His Passion so we could just have fun? This book replaces such nonsense with Heaven sense.

Confining himself to the teachings of Christ and the Church, Fr. J. P. Arendzen here shows that Heaven is grander and more intense than any of these bland modern notions of it. Heaven teems with bold Christians who've fought the good fight, won the battle, and entered into the land of their conquest — ardent souls eager for the God they''ve served so well.

In Heaven, these good men and women see God face-to-face. They experience directly His power, majesty, and love. Their bodies glorified, their minds perfected, they commune with Christ in His human nature, with Mary, and with the mightiest of the angels and the humblest of the saints. Exuberance is theirs, and as much joy as each can handle.

Such is the vibrant (more...)

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  • Pages: 112
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-928832-16-4
  • Product Code: 164
  • Availability: Backordered
  • Publication Date: January 01, 2004
  • Categories: Apologetics, By Title, eBooks

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