False Mercy

Recent Heresies Distorting Catholic Truth


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The faithful have had a growing sense that something is not quite right in the life of the Catholic Church. Confusion abounds as doctrinal rebellion spreads with impunity. The proponents of this rebellion have foisted their errors upon others by deceptively twisting certain friendly communications strategies of the recent Magisterium. The rebels have even caught unsuspecting believers in the undertow. Hence the confusion: Has the Catholic Faith changed? 

In this masterful book, Christopher Malloy identifies more than a dozen heresies and errors of this new modernism. What do nearly all of them have in common? They espouse a false mercy that divorces compassion from truth. But compassion without truth is only emotional sympathy, not charity. Genuine mercy is based on truth. God pours out His grace so that we sinners may repent of wickedness, embrace Him, and live holy lives. 

Malloy dismantles each of these heresies, showing how they evolved and where they appear. Best of all, he shows us how to counteract them and prepare fellow Catholics boldly to declare the Faith in its entirety — all while refusing to be seduced by those who undermine that obligation. The errors and heresies include:

  • Doctrinal “evolutionism,” and why it's the deadliest of all heresies 
  • The error of annihilationism and the myth of an empty Hell
  • Denial of the Catholic Church as the one, true Church of Christ, necessary for salvation
  • Evangelization as a “sin”: how and why this error has crept into the Church
  • Contraception and homosexuality: how modernists divorce procreation from sexuality
Edward Feser photo

"The Church desperately needs competent theologians who are willing to expose currently fashionable lies and errors for what they are, and to reintroduce Catholics to fundamental but forgotten truths which earlier generations were taught as a matter of course.  Christopher Malloy does exactly that in a way that combines deep knowledge of the faith, clarity of expression, nuanced analysis, careful argumentation, and – most refreshing of all today – courage."

Edward Feser
Professor of Philosophy, Pasadena City College
C.C. Pecknold photo

"Professor Malloy helps us to deflate the manifold errors and heresies battering the Church today by way of the sharpest of all double-edged swords. Highly recommended."

C.C. Pecknold
The Catholic University of America
Guy Mansini, OSB photo

"Malloy reminds us of what doctrine is, its godly status and necessary role in the Church, and reviews many of the Catholic teachings that are ignored, contested, or denied today."

Guy Mansini, OSB
Ave Maria University
Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauke photo

"Christopher J. Malloy has chosen important topics where clarity is urgent: the development of dogma, the reality of eternal condemnation, the justification by the faith formed by charity, the perfect sanctity of Christ, the question of the One True Church, the Catholic doctrine about marriage."

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauke
University of Lugano (Switzerland)
Fr. John Saward photo

"Christopher Malloy has written a book of courage and clarity that will reanimate the hope of every Catholic who strives to be faithful to the Gospel of Christ, our Lord and God, in His one true Church."

Fr. John Saward
Robert Koons photo

"In a book that is both powerfully argued and richly documented, Christopher Malloy dispels the theological confusions that most centrally afflict the Catholic Church today."

Robert Koons
Donald Prudlo photo

"Collected here in this approachable volume one finds incisive criticism coupled with rigor and clarity. Malloy does the heavy lifting in order truly to demonstrate a ‘holistic’ approach to the difficult problems and troubling situations facing faithful Catholics."

Donald Prudlo
The University of Tulsa
  • Pages: 416
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-418-4
  • Product Code: 4184
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  • Publication Date: September 28, 2021
  • Categories: Apologetics, Bestsellers, By Title, New Releases
If you want a refresh on Catholic theology or are seeking ways to answer critics of modern Catholicism, this is the book for you.
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Dr. Malloy admirably provides his reader with a clear and well-researched presentation of the major sources of theological error plaguing the Church today, often leading beyond error to outright heresy. Without succumbing to traditionalist-reactionary narratives, he faithfully and fearlessly presents the ills that have long plagued the post-Conciliar Catholic Church.
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Do you want an explanation about our turbulent times?
In this clearly written book, you will find a succinct and balanced overview of the "muddy" thinking of our times. This theologian is worth your reading time to have a foundational understanding of what life is about and why we need the Church to guide us into the Truth.
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