Dream Bigger

A 21-Day Journey to Unlock God's Dream for Your Life


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This is a book for world-changers — for people ready to lay down everything in order to discover the adventure that God has in store for their lives.

Dream Bigger unlocks your capacity to dream God-sized dreams and gives the Church encouragement to start dreaming in big, bold ways again! This day-by-day journey helps Christians not only to discover God's dream for their lives but to start taking real steps toward accomplishing those dreams. 

Author and EWTN host Dan DeMatte presents twenty-one days of meditations that sincere Catholics need to perform if they desire to live their lives for Jesus. DeMatte lays out a three-week, step-by-step plan to help you navigate your way to a life — or life-altering — decision. Daily activations and reflective questions will not only inspire you but actually propel you to lasting change.

DeMatte also shows you how to prepare yourself — with hard work and prayerful planning — to begin pursuing the dreams you've felt called to pursue but have continually put off. You will overcome your fear of failure and grow in intimacy with Jesus. 

DeMatte's upbeat, exciting approach to applying the Gosp(more...)

Charles Chaput photo

"Dan DeMatte has dreamed big dreams and his new book invites you and me to do the same. Get this book and you will be inspired."

Charles Chaput
Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia
Curtis Martin photo

"Full of practical insights, this book will impact both the ‘small’ and ‘big’ things in your life and help hasten the will of the Father on earth as it is in Heaven"

Curtis Martin
Founder and President, FOCUS
Kevin Rhoades photo

"Dan DeMatte’s zeal and love for the Church have touched many souls at Damascus Catholic Mission Camp. He now brings that same energy to this new book, which invites Catholics to respond with greater hope and vigor to God’s plan for themselves and for the world."

Kevin Rhoades
Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend
David Ricken photo

"In this book Dan DeMatte provides a twenty one day pathway which will help you take this journey of discovery for the outpouring of the Glory of God."

David Ricken
Diocese of Green Bay
Jason Shanks photo

"Dream Bigger isn’t a casual road trip to a better life. You’ll be challenged to grow in faith, be consumed with zeal and come out the other side with the courage to dream God-sized dreams."

Jason Shanks
President, Our Sunday Visitor Institute
Steve Dawson photo

"Dan's passion for the Father and His dreams spills out of these pages. If taken to heart by people of prayer, this book could be a game-changing catalyst for revival in our Church!"

Steve Dawson
St. Paul Street Evangelization, Founder
Justin Fatica photo

"If there is one person I know who made the dream that God put on his heart come true, it is Dan DeMatte. I would strongly recommend reading this book if you want your dreams to come true."

Justin Fatica
Founder & CEO, Hard As Nails Ministries
Tim Glemkowski photo

"Every Catholic, through their baptism, has been called to great holiness and mission. In this book, DeMatte invites the reader into a journey of discovering and beginning to step into God's dreams for his or her life and for the life of the world."

Tim Glemkowski
L’Alto Catholic Institute
Chris Gomez photo

"It’s easy to forget our inheritance of how our heavenly Father has continually shaped history through His beloved children. Dan DeMatte’s book, Dream Bigger, activates you to dream again with God and fulfill your destiny as a world changer."

Chris Gomez
Spirit Consulting
Aaron Richards photo

"Dan is a man who doesn't just speak about the topic of partnering with God's dreams, but who's actually lived it. If you've been hungry to see God's dreams come into reality in your life, this is the place to start."

Aaron Richards
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Damascus
  • Pages: 208
  • Format(s): Leather, imitation, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-488-7
  • Product Code: 4887
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2015
  • Categories: By Title, New Releases, Spiritual Growth

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