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A Journey to Mount Carmel

A Journey to Mount Carmel will ground you in the spiritual significance of the scapular as a powerful sacramental that draws us closer to the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Kirby explains Our Lady’s pivotal role in our salvation from the protoevangelium ("first gospel") in Genesis to the Paschal mystery in the Gospels, and he reveals the depths of God the Father’s healing love for you and the maternal intercession of Mary in your life. From there you will grasp the protection and blessing Our Blessed Mother offers through the scapular.

Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary

For years Fr. Ed Broom has transformed lives by leading this five-week retreat in Southern California. Now, for the very first time, that retreat is available in book form for those who cannot attend one of Father's retreats in person. Here you'll find the entire retreat program to bring you closer to Our Lady and to Our Lord: Scripture readings keyed to each Rosary decade, Fr. Broom's succinct meditations on each Mystery, daily prayers, and wise but practical steps to help you gain the most from each meditation as you draw daily closer to your retreat's culmination in the fifth week: your own Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

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