40 Days to Peace and Union with God

A Journey in Prayer Through the Daily Gospels

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The expected release date is Feb 21, 2023.

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In the tradition of his popular Bible study devotional The Better Part, Fr. John Bartunek, L.C. offers these stirring meditations to guide you in the way of mental prayer—the prayer of the saints. This practical companion will help you actively engage in mental prayer and cultivate a fruitful friendship with Christ. It will also teach you to rest in God’s love and receive healing, grace, peace, and joy during this sacred season.

As Fr. Bartunek breaks open the Scriptures from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, you will grow in reading, meditating upon, absorbing, and applying the Gospels to your life. These brief, power-packed reflections focus on Lenten themes from true fasting and carrying one’s Cross to overcoming fear and temptation and experiencing renewal. By drawing nearer to God through this prayer experience, He will draw near to you in a more intimate and profound way than ever before. 

In page after page, this book will serve as a catalyst in your life to personalize your times of prayer and meditation. This life-changing resource will allow you to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead along the path of holiness, encounter the Real Presence of our Lord, and cultivate a greater love of neighbor in your heart. You will find a simple and specific structure for prayer and handy tips on developing a sacred time and space for prayer. Features include:

  • A three-step guide to daily mental prayer with short explanations
  • The five R method for meditative prayer (Who knew it could be so easy?)
  • Daily inspirations from Scripture and the saints to stir the thirsty heart in prayer
  • Reflections to help you develop a truly personal relationship with God
  • Introspective questions to help you converse with God and “go deeper” in your faith journey
  • How to persevere in prayer even during difficult times and make resolutions

Daily meditation keeps your faith lively, supple, and relevant. It irrigates the soil of your soul, giving you a greater share in the abundant life. Your communion with God will continually open up new vistas along your path to spiritual maturity. Every saint and renowned spiritual director throughout the ages has said the same thing: if we desire to become saints, we must spend time daily in meditation. 

Also contained is a resource list, including a video series, that will provide further direction, fortify you on your faith journey, and enable you to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead with greater certitude.

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  • Pages: 152
  • Format(s): Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-997-4
  • Product Code: 9974
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Publication Date: February 21, 2023
  • Categories: By Title, Spiritual Growth, Upcoming Releases

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