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Sanctify Your Soul

Meditations for Your Journey to Holiness

To guide you through the common challenges to sanctity, renowned author Fr. Leo Trese offers here twenty-four inspiring reflections to help you conquer temptations and remain on the steep and narrow road to Heaven.

Principally, you will learn how to overcome a divided heart so you can go “all in” in the spiritual life. From there, you’ll discover how to order your affections properly and how to find the right balance for recreation. You’ll also learn how to assess your talents and limitations so you can achieve the preeminent goal of becoming precisely who God created and called you to be.

Fr. Trese shares simple yet powerful ways for you to grow in love for God amid the bustle of life and despite the pull of myriad responsibilities. He shows you how to find peaceful tranquility in prayer and reveals the two most powerful ways you can be imbued with God’s mercy and see Christ in others. 

With kindness and humor, Fr. Trese will help you come to know yourself better, grow in wisdom and faith, and better discern God’s will for your life. You’ll also learn:

  • Seven ways to rekindle your faith and grow in love of God
  • How to surrender to God’s embrace and enjoy peace of mind and better health
  • How to avoid spiritual anemia and a decline in holiness
  • The “fail-safe” rule for attaining the level of sanctity that God has prepared for you
  • Techniques for imitating the Sacred Heart of Jesus: always searching for souls and working for their welfare
  • How to cultivate a deep and abiding devotion to Our Lady






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Sanctify Your Soul