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100 Questions and Answers About the Blessed Virgin Mary


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Do Catholics adore the Virgin Mary? Did Mary have other children besides Jesus? Was Mary an unwed mother? What does the Immaculate Conception mean? Don't prayers to Mary diminish prayers to God? What is the history of the rosary? What did Archbishop Fulton Sheen say about Mary and the Muslims? Do Catholics have to believe in Marian apparitions? Which apparitions are approved or disapproved? What was the Third Secret of Fatima?

If you would like the answer to these and ninety other questions about Mary, you should order this book, not only for yourself, but for family, friends, those who teach religion, and those interested in coming into the Catholic Church.

In the Foreword, the Most Rev. Emilio S. Allue, SDB, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, says that “in our age of questioning and, at times, rejection of the Faith, we need a book on Mary that can help the inquiring mind to focus on the historical and theological truths about her. All need to read this book.”






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All Generations Will Call Me Blessed