Fr. Laurence J. Spiteri

Msgr. Laurence Spiteri, born in Malta, was ordained for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. He holds doctorates in Biblical Studies, Psychology, Canon Law, and a specialization in International Law. He is presently serving as the official in charge of the Legal Office of the Vatican Apostolic Library, Judge on the Court of Appeals for the See of Rome, ad hoc judge at CDF, consultant to various Roman Congregations and Religious Communities, and CEO of The Sanctuary of Culture Foundation. He is a former Associate Director and Judge at the Metropolitan Tribunal of Los Angeles, Judge at the Tribunal of Las Vegas, assistant at the Apostolic Signatura, and instructor in canonical procedures. He is the author of 50 books, some of which deal with canon and civil law, as well as of 93 articles which appear in various professional publications. He has been published in various languages in the United States, England, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, and Vatican City State.

Books by Fr. Laurence J. Spiteri

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