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Compendium of the Catholic Faith

Your comprehensive guide to living as a faithful Catholic in our challenging times!

Acclaim for Credo

So much is said by so many about the Catholic Faith today — some of it is confusing, some is downright erroneous — that we must be profoundly grateful to Bishop Schneider for this faithful, succinct, profound, and truly up-to-date exposition of the teaching of the Catholic Church. … It will also prove to be an important tool in the essential missionary work of evangelization and apologetics, in announcing the Saving Truth of Jesus Christ to a  world that so desperately needs it.

Robert Cardinal Sarah

With Credo: Compendium of the Catholic Faith, Bishop Athanasius Schneider gives us a sure norm for guidance, since he bases it on the constant and perennial Magisterium of the Church, which has precedence over any doctrinal ambiguity.

Bishop Elias Nassar

I am honored to join the faithful sons and daughters of the Church who have already expressed their appreciation of Bishop Schneider’s Compendium. … The question-and-answer format is a simple and useful approach to sharing the beautiful truths that the doctrine of our Catholic faith offers the world. … I know that many will come to appreciate His Excellency’s contribution in the near future and for years to come.

Bishop Joseph Strickland

In Credo, Bishop Schneider has renewed the form by filling it with pure doctrine, rendered in prose that is clear and direct. In these pages, doctrines are not lists to be memorized. … Bishop Schneider gives voice to the living tradition, showing that it is not merely alive, but has power to change our lives, to make us holy. I believe this book will do much good.

Dr. Scott Hahn

The special value of this Compendium consists above all in the fact that numerous current questions and problems (e.g., transhumanism, Pentecostalism, prohibition of traditional Catholic rites, Mother Earth worship, Asian methods of meditation, female priesthood or diaconate) are clarified in the light of the traditional teaching of the Church, offering the faithful helpful orientation in times of confusion.

Fr. Michael Fiedrowicz

Returning to a presentation in the traditional language of lex orandi — lex credendi — lex vivendi has today become an urgent need and a great work of pastoral charity. The new work of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Compendium of the Catholic Faith, in the form of questions and answers, recovers the form by which our ancestors in the Catholic Faith have been catechized, affirming the truth and rejecting error. For this reason, we are certain of the fecundity of this work.

Schola Veritatis Community of Contemplative Nuns

I gave my children milk and love, but I did not always transmit all that a Catholic mother should. I now have a better chance with my youngest, having discovered Tradition and now having this Compendium. The way the book is organized (believing, living, and praying) is a service to us, the “little ones,” whom the author declares are his primary audience. One is left with a sense of calm (despite the current crisis), and a great desire to be better.

Dr. Caterina Lorenzo-Molo

About Credo

For the first time in over fifty years, a Catholic bishop has published his own complete and authoritative presentation of the Faith—what to believe, how to live, and how to pray as Christ taught.

Credo: Compendium of the Catholic Faith is a comprehensive summary of Christian doctrine, written for our time by a living successor of the apostles. With episcopal insight and pastoral zeal, Bishop Athanasius Schneider offers a bold new articulation of timeless truths, unpacking the riches of Church teaching while engaging contemporary issues with refreshing clarity and genuine charity.

The most up-to-date “catechism” in print! Using the simple and direct “Question–Answer” format so popular among instructors (and internet search engines) today, Bishop Athanasius Schneider explains the truths of Faith in the classic, threefold pattern: after an Introduction outlining Christian identity and doctrine, Part I unpacks what Catholics believe, following the articles of the Apostle’s Creed. Part II explains the principles of right morals, following the Ten Commandments and the Precepts of the Church. Part III teaches on grace, the sacraments, prayer, and worship. Appendices include the five major Christian Creeds, and a stellar Index (plus unique headers and bleed tabs) makes navigating the book delightfully easy.

With the courage and kindness of a true shepherd of souls, Bishop Schneider also addresses many contemporary issues, including:

  • social media use
  • economic justice
  • personal technology
  • science and evolution
  • just war, death penalty
  • gender ideology
  • modesty
  • vaccines, health mandates
  • world religions
  • true prayer
  • faithful parenting, education,
  • religious liberty, free speech
  • female clergy
  • Church scandal
  • infallibility
  • magisterium, error
  • pornography, human trafficking
  • liturgy
  • obedience
  • Sunday work
  • Communism, Freemasonry
  • globalism
  • transhumanism
  • charismatic movement
  • marijuana, drug use
  • authentic renewal, and more!

A reliable guide for anyone seeking to grow in knowledge and deepen their faith, Credo is the most complete and coherent guide to authentic Catholicism today, and is sure to be a classic for generations to come.

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Credo Study Journal

The essential tool to enhance your personal reading, group study, catechism class, or homily prep.

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About the Author

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Athanasius Schneider was born to a devout German Catholic family in the midst of Soviet Kyrgyzstan, 1961. Baptized Antonius, he received his early formation and sacraments in constant danger of Communist persecution, until the family emigrated to Germany in 1973. The young Anton went on to join the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross in Austria in 1982, receiving the religious name Athanasius and being later ordained a priest in 1990. He was consecrated bishop by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, and appointed titular bishop of Celerina and auxiliary bishop of Karaganda. From 2011 to the present he has served as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Chairman of the Liturgical Commission, and Secretary General of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Kazakhstan.

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