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The Springtime that Never Came

In Conversation with Pawel Lisicki

The faithful deprived of the Mass. Persecution and removal of clergy. Promulgation of communism and rampant heresies. Dehumanization, dictatorship, and the destruction of life.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider experienced these sufferings growing up in the 1960s in the former Soviet Union, and they are now a reality in the West. A witness to the truth passed down from the apostles, Bishop Schneider explains that, especially since the time of the French Revolution, natural law, order, and a sense of the supernatural have been eroded and replaced, through Freemasonry and other false ideologies, with widespread apostasy, to the point where society is now almost entirely devoid of God.

This riveting and climactic interview with Bishop Schneider tackles each and every controversial issue of our time. With charity, wisdom, and occasional humor, Bishop Schneider provides a rich historical and theological perspective with straightforward answers to a profusion of startling questions on topics such as ecumenism, ecology, Mass reforms, the German Church, Hell, Purgatory, sin, heresy, the roles of women in the Church, the traditional liturgy, and much more!

Amid the encircling darkness, this compendium of straight, authoritative answers elucidates the truths of our Faith with a piercing light. It will make you cheer as it reorients you on your journey with Christ. Be encouraged, as Bishop Schneider provides inspiring insights for the battle. Be enthused to uphold Church teachings and worship God no matter the challenges that may lie ahead. Be strengthened to trust God and follow the examples of the saints. Be energized to live your vocation and stand up courageously in our chaotic times.

In The Springtime That Never Came, Bishop Schneider calls for a “new apologetics” and “re-Catholicization” of countries that have lost the Catholic Faith. He teaches us to avoid the “mental gymnastics” caused by theological confusion and assures us that souls return to the Church through repentance and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharistic Adoration and processions, Confession, and the Holy Rosary. Bishop Schneider believes our current situation, marked in many places by a deprivation of Holy Mass and Communion, is God's “merciful appeal for a true eucharistic conversion of the whole Church.”


No one who is serious about understanding and facing these challenges can overlook the contribution of Bishop Athanasius Schneider and his deep understanding of long-standing tradition. He clearly loves the Church and seeks to serve her, bring about her healing, and thus bring proper praise to God and redemption to the world.

Dan Burke

Exemplifying the bishop's acuity and wisdom, The Springtime That Never Came provides an authoritative and much-needed spiritual corrective to our deeply troubled and rudderless post-conciliar era.

Edward Pentin

In this book Bishop Athanasius Schneider provides a dazzling display of knowledge of theology, the liturgy, Church history and the problems of the modern world and the Church all in service of explaining complicated issues with a rare and wonderful clarity.

Janet Smith

Bishop Schneider says of our Catholic Faith that it 'gives us greater certainty than the certainty of mathematics,' and with that clarity addresses each and every uncomfortable issue we face as a Church and as a society. This book is an enlightening page-turner, and every Catholic should read it.

Jesse Romero






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The Springtime that Never Came