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Experience Grace in Abundance

Ten Strategies for Your Spiritual Life

From the host of EWTN's Women of Grace comes this insightful and faith-filled guide to help you fulfill your fundamental vocation in life: to grow in holiness and to be conformed to the image of God.

Johnnette Benkovic has spent decades leading souls to a profound experience of God's grace. Now she offers you step-by-step guidance for deepening your own understanding of the spiritual principles that mark the interior life, as well as practical ways of implementing them in your daily activities.

Along with sound Catholic doctrine and spiritual direction, each chapter includes those “spiritual essentials” that are necessary to lead you along the path of holiness and sanctity. You'll discover the gateway to intimacy with Our Lord, how to pray with fervor and ardent love, and how to enhance your experience of the Eucharist.

Johnnette also teaches you how to love as God loves, how to forgive as God forgives, and how you can begin acquiring the most important virtues necessary for attaining heaven. When you read this life-transforming book, you'll also learn:

  • How to overcome the three primary difficulties in prayer
  • The most important stepping stone to a deeper, more committed spiritual life
  • Ten questions to test your fervency
  • How to make a good and holy confession
  • Five ways to practice self-mastery
  • How to grow in patience and humility
  • Seven strategies St. Therese employed to help her overcome her natural dislike for her fellow sister

Read these pages, and you'll not only develop a deeper life in Jesus Christ, you'll live your Faith with holy zeal and experience His grace in abundance.


Experience Grace in Abundance is a treasure of grace! Through Church teaching and insightful anecdotes, Johnnette Benkovic shares intimately to offer solid, practical, and proven strategies guaranteed to aid us on our spiritual journeys. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful book!

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

I have the greatest admiration for the teaching and preaching of Johnnette. I am grateful that this book makes such solid wisdom available to many.

Ralph Martin

Johnette offers wise insights from her wealth of knowledge and experience combined with practical suggestions that can make the truly abundant grace a reality for every believer.

Teresa Tomeo






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Experience Grace in Abundance