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Do You Love Me?


A guaranteed way to improve your marriage — immediately!

In the Fall of 1987, a local Catholic men's group asked publisher John Barger to give a talk at their monthly breakfast meeting.

John chose to speak in some detail about his life with Susan, his wife of fifteen years, who had died of cancer just a few months before, leaving John with seven children to care for.

In the talk, which he entitled "Do You Love Me?," John spoke frankly of his own failings and the sorrow and anger that those failings had provoked in Susan long before her cancer was diagnosed, causing their marriage to become a battleground.

But John also offered simple, spiritual remedies for those failings — remedies which, he said, any man or woman could use to heal the wounds that most couples suffer in marriage, and even to transform any marriage into a covenant of love.

Better yet, John said that they were proven remedies: before Susan had fallen sick, he himself had used them to eliminate the strife between them and to make theirs into a happy home.

Then death intervened.

At the end of the talk, silence filled the room: not one of the men asked a question or even spoke. John left a few minutes thereafter, thinking the talk had been a failure.

Then a phone call: "John, some of the guys at the breakfast were overwhelmed by what you said. Could you let us have a Xerox of what you said?" He did.

A month or so later John found that hundreds more copies had been made, and were circulating throughout the state!

So he let us print the talk as a small booklet so that others could have it to help repair their damaged marriages, and make good marriages better.

Since that morning late in 1987, "Do You Love Me?" has helped more than 100,000 couples, and has been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines around the world, and broadcast on a number of national radio shows.

It will help your marriage, too.






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Do You Love Me?