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Beheading Hydra

A Radical Plan for Christians in an Atheistic Age

Never before has humanity existed in a culture that rejects belief in a transcendent power. Previous cultures — even when rent by bitter disagreements — shared a common belief that a greater force stood above the material realm. But when one side acknowledges an ultimate source of truth while the other side denies it, debate is dead, and mutual understanding is impossible.

So claims Fr. Dwight Longenecker in his most captivating book yet, Beheading Hydra. Longenecker shows how, like the mythical serpentine beast with myriad writhing and venomous heads, atheism manifests itself today through sixteen “isms” that cloak the actions of the antichrist, who seethes with pure hatred of God and His truth.

Because any good battle plan calls for a thorough knowledge of the enemy, Fr. Longenecker boldly exposes the philosophies behind scientism, materialism, utilitarianism, sentimental humanitarianism, and more, explaining how they became the core assumptions of our culture and how they are, in turn, corrupting the politics and power structures of the world.

Beheading Hydra brilliantly catalogs the alluring and seductive deceptions of each ism to help you see how they are corroding the very foundations of Western civilization and entrapping countless faithful Christians.

Best of all, the book lays out a plan of action to behead the Hydra that calls for neither direct conflict nor even dialogue, but creative subversion. You’ll discover what this means along with the powerful and practical actions you and your friends can take now. You’ll also learn how to acquire the grace needed to see clearly the problem — and the solutions.

It is ordinary men and women who become extraordinary heroes in this battle against Satan, explains Fr. Longenecker. Only by the light of our lives will we defeat this darkness. Debate and dialogue are now pointless. Our lives are our only remaining argument.


Practically grounded in repentance and metaphysically grounded in an understanding of ourselves as given identity by, and answerable to, God, the proposals of this accessible yet profound  book will fortify pastors and lay Christians alike as they seek to be salt and light in this world.

Carl Trueman

Fr. Longenecker provides strong, practical suggestions for fighting and winning the perennial battle with evil.

Robert Royal

Father Dwight Longenecker never ceases to astonish me. He sees the culture of death with lucidity, shining the light of Christ on its darkness. In a world lulled to sleep by the wicked witch of the decadent west, Father Longenecker wakens us with the of the fire of faith, vivid writing and a fertile imagination.

Joseph Pearce

Can modern materialism be refuted?  'Tithe your income' Fr. Longenecker tells us, and exclaim while you do, 'I refute it thus!'  Can utilitarianism be refuted?  'Spend a summer as a missionary', he proposes, saying to yourself, 'I refute it thus!'  And so with the other fourteen beguiling 'isms', that make up the monstrous many headed hydra--our culture--which deceives and haunts us all.

Michael Pakaluk

By combining the incisive analytical power of worldview apologetics with a rich imaginative vision that moves smoothly between high culture and pop culture, Fr. Dwight accurately identifies the lies that have led our modern world astray and offers real solutions for getting us back on track.

Louis Markos

Fr. Longenecker provides strong, practical, suggestions for fighting and winning the perennial battle with evil.

Robert Royal






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Beheading Hydra