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A Brief Catechism for Adults

A Complete Handbook on How to be a Good Catholic


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A Brief Catechism for Adults is a little masterpiece designed for instructing converts. But it also serves as a useful handbook for lifelong Catholics who want to understand their faith more deeply. After the first edition of the book was used to catechize tens of thousands seeking to become Catholic, this second edition was revised in the light of notes made by numerous Catholic priests who had used the text. So it represents the fruit of extensive experience in teaching the Faith to converts, and for years it was practically the standard catechism in the U.S. and Canada for that purpose.

This book is packed with facts and written in short, clear, question-and-answer format, accompanied by brief Scripture quotes. Using concise, ordinary language to explain profound theological and moral truths, it examines: What we must believe and do to be saved, how to form a correct conscience, the duties of Catholic spouses and parents, common mortal sins, the interior design of a traditional Catholic church, how to pray the Rosary, popular saints names for Baptism and Confirmatio, familiar Catholic prayers and practical points for responding to common questions that arise in an unbelieving world.

A Brief Catechism for Adults is a valuable handbook for becoming a faithful Catholic, perfect for inquirers, but excellent for cradle Catholics as well.

Softcover, 5 1/2"" x 8 1/2"", 187 pp.






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A Brief Catechism for Adults